Friday, December 17, 2010

Shut-up, TNR: Lady Liberty is a perky-titted, skinny chick with hairless labia

Outraged over their privacy being violated, The New Republic publishes a cover of an x-rayed Lady Liberty to show how our precious freedoms are being taken away. Normally, I'd be OK with their sensationalist outrage, buuuuut I was put on this earth to rain on your collective parades.

Not to get all Steinem/Levy on you, but I'm just kind of wondering, was it really necessary to use a skinny perky-titted model for this shoot? Also, I guess you can't blame TNR editors for not knowing much about physics, but I'd like to bring up the issue of hair. Normally, you can't see hair in x-ray images, but this image clearly shows Lady Liberty's nice 'do. Curiously, though, that's the only place where the Lady has hair. So, I'm left wondering whether seeing Lady Liberty go bald was so heinous that it had to be stopped, or whether outlined labia were acceptable for a magazine cover but pubic hair wasn't. Seriously guys, fuck you.

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