About the author

Morally Bankrupt is written by Guillermo Roditi Dominguez. Apart from working and reading, Guillermo enjoys film, sunshine, key-lime pie, trading futures and researching waste-water treatment and management, including personal visits to working plants.

Credentials and Education:
  • B.S. in Economics, Northeastern University 2008
  • FINRA Series 3, 7, 65, 66 (7 & 66 lapsed)
  • Completed CFA Level 1 examination June 2010, no current plans to take L2
Professional Experience:
  •  Portfolio Manager, New River Investments May 2011 - Present
    New River Investments is a Registered Investment Adviser located in downtown Ft Lauderdale, FL. Responsibilities:
    • Financial and modeling
    • Risk management and modeling
    • Co-managing the New River Investments Special Opportunities LP portfolio
    • Working with other managers to generate investment ideas, structure trades, isolate wanted risks and hedge undesired risks.
  • Software Architect, Cantella & Co., Inc. May 2005 - September 2010
    Cantella & Co., Inc. is an independent broker-dealer that provides back-office services to registered representatives and investment advisers. Major achievements:
    • Quantitative exception-reporting systems for compliance, operations and trading departments
    • Production and retention calculating and reporting systems
    • ETL (extract, transform, load) software solutions and relational storage schema design for a variety of data vendors, including National Financial Services, Pershing, Raymond James, JP Morgan (Bear Stearns), Jefferies, DST, NSCC, DTCC, MSRB and FINRA among others.
    • Electronic paperwork-submission services for both Pershing and NFS. In both instances these were bleeding-edge systems not available to other broker dealers
    • A next-generation digital document management, archival and processing system, including paperless workflows; email, copier and web interfaces; and redundant, scalable storage and preprocessing subsystem.
    • Various web interfaces and reporting tools
    • A completely compliant XMPP-based instant messaging solution, including message archiving and a web-based review interface.
Technical Skills:
  • Mastery of: Perl 5, SQL, HTML, Excel
  • Proficient in: R, PHP, Javascript, shell scripting
  • 4 years experience administering mySQL servers
  • 2 years experience implementing and maintaing FastCGI applications and nginx web servers
Other Skills:
  • Structured credit products
  • Interest rate and credit derivatives
  • Credit analysis
  • Bloomberg software and APIs (Excel, R, Perl)
  • Fluent in both spoken and written Spanish
  • Vanilla and exotic options. In-depth knowledge of pricing models, Greeks and strategies.
Hobbies and interests:
  • Parks and public gardens
  • Waste management and waste-water treatment
  • Experimental film
  • Macroeconomics
  • Language and linguistics