Wednesday, October 6, 2010

China Money Supply: August 2010

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So here's a collection of updated charts with the latest money supply numbers from the People's Bank of China and the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Velocity of Money, YoY growth and some new GDP ones after the jump.

Please note that, purportedly because of demand for physical currency, there is a significant distortion around the Chinese New Year.
Nominal money supply numbers as reported by the People's Bank of China.
Indexed growth of the money supply compared to growth in GDP (2005=100)

Velocity of M1 and M2

OK, the Velocity I kept checking and checking and it seems to be right. Isn't a velocity of ~.5 kinda slow? The numbers are right, but something seems off. I know the the GDP / M2 calculation is crude, but the GDP numbers get huge revisions anyway, so it's just to get an idea. Leave me a comment if you have any insight on this one.

Quarterly contributions to nominal GDP
Industry contributions to nominal quarterly GDP
Year-over-year growth in money supply and GDP

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